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      Cant say, he said, nonchalantly. She might ha been, or she might not. I dont take partickler notice of my passengers so long as theyve got their tickets all right; an if I did, he added, I shouldnt mouth about em to the first stranger as asked me questions.

      I dont know, she said, with her hands pressed closely together. I tell everybody she is here, but she is not. I suppose youve heard something, she added, timidly.

      How will you wear them both, my lady? she asked.

      I had a stick somewhere, he said. Where did I put it? Oh, I remember, I left it in the anteroom last night.

      Ah! She drew a long breath. At any rate, I have learned to value true love and friendship, Varley. I think they are only to be found in Three Star.




      I see, said Lady Wyndover. And had you no lady friend?