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      Montreal, a frontier town at the head of the[13] See "Pioneers of France," 399.

      Seven brigantines were finished and launched; and, trusting their lives on board these frail vessels, they descended the Mississippi, running the gantlet between hostile tribes, who fiercely attacked them. Reaching the Gulf, though not without the loss of eleven of their number, they made sail for the Spanish settlement on the river Panuco, where they arrived safely, and where the inhabitants met them with a cordial welcome. Three hundred and eleven men thus escaped with life, leaving behind them the bones of their comrades strewn broadcast through the wilderness.

      On the Sunday after Mzys coup detat, the pulpits resounded with denunciations. The people listened, doubtless, with becoming respect; but their sympathies were with the governor; and he, on his part, had made appeals to them at more than one crisis of the quarrel. He now fell into another indiscretion. He banished Bourdon and Villeray, and ordered them home to France.

      The question now at issue was that of honors and precedence at church and in religious ceremonies, matters of substantial importance under the Bourbon rule. Colbert interposed, ordered Duchesneau to treat Frontenac with becoming deference, and warned him not to make himself the partisan of the bishop; [3] while, at the same time, he exhorted Frontenac to live in harmony with the intendant. [4] The dispute continued till the king lost patience.Le Moyne, with a soldier named Grandehemin, whom he had met in his flight, toiled all day through the woods and marshes, in the hope of reaching the small vessels anchored behind the bar. Night found them in a morass. No vessel could be seen, and the soldier, in despair, broke into angry upbraidings against his companion,saying that he would go back and give himself up. Le Moyne at first opposed him, then yielded. But when they drew near the fort, and heard the uproar of savage revelry that rose from within, the artist's heart failed him. He embraced his companion, and the soldier advanced alone. A party of Spaniards came out to meet him. He kneeled, and begged for his life. He was answered by a death-blow; and the horrified Le Moyne, from his hiding-place in the thicket, saw his limbs hacked apart, stuck on pikes, and borne off in triumph.

      [121] Description de la Louisiane (1683), 41. It is characteristic of Hennepin that, in the editions of his book published after La Salle's death, he substitutes, for "anybody but him," "anybody but those who had formed so generous a design,"meaning to include himself, though he lost nothing by the disaster, and had not formed the design. Fran?ois Le Noir, an inhabitant of La Chine, was summoned

      **** As late as 1701, six thousand livres were granted

      [13] Brbeuf preserves a speech made to him by one of these chiefs, as a specimen of Huron eloquence.Relation des Hurons, 1636, 123.


      La Salle and his Reporter.Jesuit Ascendency.The Missions and the Fur-trade.Female Inquisitors.Plots against La Salle: his Brother the Priest.Intrigues Of the Jesuits.La Salle poisoned: he exculpates the Jesuits.Renewed Intrigues.The Ruins of St. Ignace ? The Relics found ? Brbeuf at the Stake ? His Unconquerable Fortitude ? Lalemant ? Renegade Hurons ? Iroquois Atrocities ? Death of Brbeuf ? His Character ? Death of Lalemant


      What manner of man was he who could conceive designs so vast and defy enmities so many and so powerful? And in what spirit did he embrace these designs? We will look hereafter for an answer.


      Ambassadeur Rome, 28 June, 1664. indiscretion of Talon, who had written to the minister that,