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      Oh, here you are, Trafford, said Lord Blankyre; I am sorry to have found you, for Lady Ada promised me this dance, if I failed to do so.

      Esmeralda looked at him, and then straight before her, but said nothing.

      Two overflowing brigades! In the van came red-capped artillery. Not the new battery, though happily known to Flora and the Callenders; the Washington Artillery. Illustrious command! platoons and platoons of the flower of the Crescent City's youth and worth! They, too, that day received their battle-flag. They have the shot-torn rags of it yet.It is a pity you didnt kill me outright, Mr. Howard, he said, bitterly. It would have been more merciful.

      She opened it, and handed it back, pointing to a paragraph, and Esmeralda read:

      Barker could have cried aloud with astonishment and disappointment, but she got out the dress and put it on.

      Trafford rose.


      At the end of the week Trafford found the strain tighter than he could endure. He felt that if he remained by her side another day, his love would break the bounds of restraint[197] and force him beyond himself; so he said that he must go up to town on business; and he went.


      From Three Star, said Varley, quietly. I left there at two oclock this morning.The duke patted Traffords hand.


      It was no good to me. It has never been any good. All the things I have bought with it I never cared for. I hate itI hate it now! It is the cause of allof all my misery. I was happy at Three Star. Then the longing of her heart broke from her in a despairing cry. Oh, my God! why did I ever leave it?